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Vince Neil Sees Dead People


Vince Neil
Or more specifically, his dead daughter.

Yes, folks. That’s right. Vince Neil — who has a penchant for drinking, driving, and maiming the people he doesn’t kill — will do anything for publicity. What do you think that whole “Skating With the Stars” nonsense was all about.

Vince — Motley Crue’s frontman — appeared on the November 13, 2010, episode of Biography channel’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” a program where pseudo celebs share their real-life ghost experiences. Blabbermouth has the video for you.

According to the show’s description, “Vince Neil has an encounter that brings him back to life.” Yes, folks…Vince claims he’s been visited by his five-year-old daughter Skylar, who passed away in 1995 after a long battle with cancer.

On the show, Vince claims that for two years after her death, he tried to kill himself, and was feeling suicidal. One night, he awoke and saw his daughter. Are we sure he wasn’t hallucinating from alcohol poisoning? I wonder if he ever sees Nick Dingley, the dude from Hanoi Rocks who he killed in a car crash? I wonder. Wonder, I do.