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This week, Chapter 14’s Chad Ackerman checks in with a review of one of 2010’s most celebrated films, “Black Swan.” I’ve seen it, and it is worth the price of admission…if only for the lesbianism and Natalie Portman’s ass-tastic masturbation scene. Chad’s a little more evolved, so his review focuses more on the film itself. Here it is: What we hope will be the first of several movie reviews from Chad.

Oh, Darren Aronofsky — how you have graced us, with a drill through the brain of a genius, an amputated arm of a druggie, a man’s continuous failure of trying to keep his wife alive, a washed-up wrestler giving up a second chance at life, and now, “Black Swan.”

I have never had something bad to say about Aronofsky’s work. I think that I am addicted to his films and pure genius, after getting another dose with his latest theatrical release. “Black Swan” is an amazing piece of art visually, musically, and with every actor’s and actress’ performance. From the beginning to the end of the film, there is a tense and thrilling mood.

Natalie Portman, one of the world’s finest, gives a performance that makes you feel pity, terror, and achievement. There is a tug of war with your own emotions that you will go through watching what her character goes through in the film. Defeat, jealousy, failure, pride, hatred, and fear are non-stop arrows being shot through you as you watch what Portman’s character endures through the film.

Although I have heard criticism of Aronofsky’s films leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, I do not agree with every film leaving an audience happy and triumphant. I think that Shakespeare would have been an Aronofsky fan if he were alive and well today. These tragic and poetic films, like “Black Swan,” are true depictions of art that filmmakers lack today.

Be prepared to leave the theater, TV screen, or computer screen with your emotions in a knot after seeing Natalie endure a number of conflicts. Conflicts with her work, her mother, and herself. Casting could not have been closer to perfection with “Black Swan.” Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis, and Barbara Hershey all give amazing performance where you don’t have a chance to realize that you are watching acting opposed to real life. I highly suggest and urge you to find where “Black Swan” is showing near you and bring a friend or five.

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