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The Haunted Give New Album Boring Title

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The Haunted
I feel like The Haunted missed out on a real opportunity here, but then again, what else is new? I mean, they could have gone big with the title of their new record…lots of menacing words, strung together in a way that makes something of a statement. But no…they name their new one Unseen.

The Haunted have never really had good album titles. Versus. Revolver; yeah, I know that’s not how they spelled it, but I don’t do that weird lower-case, upper-case-in-the-middle-of-a-fucking-word bullshit that they did…not on my watch, dudes. I did like Made Me Do It. That was a good title. But The Dead Eye was nothing if not meh.

I know a lot of people who’ll be calling this record Unheard, as a joke, and that’s funny and all. But really, unless someone I trust tells me this thing is the second coming of The Haunted, it will be unheard by me. That last record was pure shit.

But for those who want Unseen, the record comes out sometime in March, and leader Peter Dolving posted this statement on Facebook: “So the work’s done. We hope to pour music and inspiration into your heads. The record is called Unseen and will be hitting stores in March 2011. We spent a month and a half with Tue Madsen, who brought out the best in everyone and did an incredible job mixing. Pretty much that’s it right now folks.”