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Hear A New Neuraxis Song — RIGHT NOW!

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The cover of Asylon
Montreal-based metallers Neuraxis have a new album coming, too. That thing drops on February 15 and that picture right there is the album’s cover. Look at that and tell me it doesn’t look like the cover of a technical death metal record…go ahead, try!

It sorta reminds me of Vincent D’Onofrio’s character from that movie “The Cell.” Like, this is a snapshot of what dude’s life would have been like were he caught by the po-po. But no…his character died.

You’d check out that new song — called “Asylum” — right now if you knew what was good for you. But no…you probably won’t. Blasting you’re goshdarned Oceano records ‘til all hours of the morning! Blasted kids! Personally, I’ve been listening to this song over and over again since discovering it this afternoon; I haven’t even had to click the refresh button…it just keeps going and going.

Those tasty riffs towards the end of the song are fucking intimidating. This record — which is called Asylon — is going to fucking rule. By the way, Neuraxis will be touring with Deicide and Sepultura in 2011. You’d go see them, if you knew what was good for you! But, again…you probably won’t.