Mike Roberts is out as Skinlab’s guitarist yet again, after shit with his schedule and family didn’t work out…again. Steev Esquivel, bassist and vocalist of the San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans, revealed the news in a statement.

“We’ve basically been contemplating our next move, having recently parted ways again with our brother Mike Roberts,” his statement says. “Things have been pretty rough the last year, not having a solid lineup to get out on the road and support our latest album, The Scars Between Us…We basically had to make a drastic decision to continue on our quest for a permanent guitarist.“

I hate to say it, but Skinlab are just doomed. Maybe they should’ve made an even more drastic decision — to throw in the fucking towel. But no, they’ve got a new guitarist in former Rikets member Provo Provenzano. Isn’t that the name of a dish at the Olive Garden?

“As much as we loved having Mike back in the band, it became obvious to both of us that his schedule and family obligations would not allow him to participate in touring. While we were hoping to jump back on track and write/tour/record together, it just wasn’t working. It was a shitty decision to make on both ends, but we wish nothing but the best for Mike and his family.”

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