Ben Harclerode
That’s the word this morning. Whitechapel, of course, have yet to officially confirm this new development, but mark my words: They’ll be issuing a statement later today or tomorrow, confirming Kevin Lane’s no longer their drummer. I just hope said statement will contain details about the unexpected lineup shift.

I wonder what happened between Lane and the band. What went wrong? Anyone have any insight they’d like to share in the comments section?

According to sources, Lane is back in Kingsport, Tennessee, and will apparently be going back to school in the near future to continue his higher education. Meanwhile, Whitechapel already has a new drummer.

They’ve recruited Ben Harclerode — who pounds the kit for Arizona’s Knights of the Abyss — to replace Lane. Knights of the Abyss isn’t exactly a bunch of amateur upstarts; they’re pretty fucking huge, a statement I make based solely on the amount of KOTA shirts I have seen in malls and at shows. I wonder if Ben is doing both bands or if he’s out of Knights of the Abyss? More on the story as it develops.

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