The two chicks from Dreaming Dead
Just when you thought Revolver had run out of metal chicks to exploit after having to shoot pics of a 17-year-old for last year’s annual tally of “hot” metal chicks, here comes another good-looking metal musician with boobies for them to gussy up in lingerie and drape over an altar covered with wax build-up from thousands of dripping candles.

Dreaming Dead — a band based out of Los Angeles that specializes in extreme metal — has added guitarist Stephanie Pickard. She and the band’s singer/guitarist Elizabeth Schall form “the most shredding female guitar tandem in metal today,” according to a press release.

Pickard studied with Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert of legendary shred band Racer X and she became a Minarik Guitars endorsee at the age of 16. That’s phat! I can’t wait to see what kind of bathing suit Revolver puts her in: A one-piece or a bikini?

Check out Dreaming Dead because they are actually quite good. Those chicks know how to fucking play, man! For real. Recommended for fans of Dissection, Death, and Opeth. According to a press release, the band will enter a recording studio in April to record their next LP, Midnightmares, which should be in stores in late 2011.

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