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Dreaming Dead Add Guitarist Stephanie Pickard To Fold


The two chicks from Dreaming Dead
Just when you thought Revolver had run out of metal chicks to exploit after having to shoot pics of a 17-year-old for last year’s annual tally of “hot” metal chicks, here comes another good-looking metal musician with boobies for them to gussy up in lingerie and drape over an altar covered with wax build-up from thousands of dripping candles.

Dreaming Dead — a band based out of Los Angeles that specializes in extreme metal — has added guitarist Stephanie Pickard. She and the band’s singer/guitarist Elizabeth Schall form “the most shredding female guitar tandem in metal today,” according to a press release.

Pickard studied with Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert of legendary shred band Racer X and she became a Minarik Guitars endorsee at the age of 16. That’s phat! I can’t wait to see what kind of bathing suit Revolver puts her in: A one-piece or a bikini?

Check out Dreaming Dead because they are actually quite good. Those chicks know how to fucking play, man! For real. Recommended for fans of Dissection, Death, and Opeth. According to a press release, the band will enter a recording studio in April to record their next LP, Midnightmares, which should be in stores in late 2011.