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Wormfood Streaming Full Album Online


Wormfood’s Emmanuel Levy contacted me the other day to let me know that the French metal band’s new album, Posthume, can now be heard in it’s entirety at some Webzine I’d never visited or even heard of before.

And the timing couldn’t be better. Posthume is set to drop January 7 through MalaFortuna and Season of Mist. You should definitely check out the new tunes…because Wormfood are French and the music is really intense and morose.

According to a press release, the album “comes like the best gift for your ex-girlfriend. It [contains] eight tracks in the vein of Type O Negative, Ange, and Paradise Lost.” I would agree with that assessment.

The album even boasts a cover of Stephan Eicher’s “Des Hauts et des Bas,” and features a guest appearance by Paul Bento of Carnivore and Type O Negative fame, playing sitar and electronic tempura.