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Jared Lee Loughner's YouTube Videos Reveal Possible Shooting Motives

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I think it’s pretty clear that the shooting of Dem Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords earlier today by Jared Lee Loughner was politically motivated.

Watch the videos he made.

The first deals with his twisted, nearly incomprehensible thoughts on currency and government control…

The second reveals a lot more. Apparently he is (or was) a military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix, talks a bit about terrorism, talks about the Constitution, calls the current laws treasonous, and then says the government is involved in mind control.

Also, it looks like he had another YouTube account and the following was posted on one of the videos….

If there’s no flag in the constitution then the flag in the film is unknown.
There’s no flag in the constitution.
Therefore, the flag in the film is unknown.
Burn every new and old flag that you see.
Burn your flag!
I bet you can imagine this in your mind with a faster speed.
Watch this protest in reverse!
Ask the local police; “What’s your illegal activity on duty?”.
If you protest the government then there’s a new government from protesting.
There’s not a new government from protesting.
Thus, you aren’t protesting the government.
There’s something important in this video: There’s no communication to anyone in this location.
You shouldn’t be afraid of the stars.
There’s a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there’s no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. It’s with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there’s only one, the gender is not female or male. The wings of this bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle that you could die for. If you can see this bird then you will understand. You think this bird is able to chat about a government?
I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere.
On the other hand, welcome yourself to the desert: Maybe your ability to protest is from the brainwash of the current government structure.

And here’s the video…

More as it develops…