I have a soft spot for Autopsy. Not just because Chris Reifert writes a column for Gun Shy Assassin, but because the band’s fucking dastardly. They’ve helped pave the way for so many bands and have made some of the most dangerous and offensive albums you’ll ever hear.

Autopsy will enter Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, in early February with producer Adam Munoz. That’s when they will begin recording their new album, Macabre Eternal, which should be out this spring via Peaceville Records.

A few months ago, we spoke with Chris about the new disc. He says the band sat down to start writing, and the dam essentially opened. “We just ended up writing too much stuff so we had to break it off in chunks,” he says. “So we did the EP first just to get something out there. We already have too much for the next record; I guess we’re just going to have to save it for the one we do after [Macabre Eternal].”

Reifert says the writing process was something like an avalanche. The riffs, the songs…they just started pouring out of him and guitarist Eric Cutler. “We were just calling each other all the time,” Reifert says. “‘I have a new song.’ ‘Oh. I got two.’ And it went on and on like that. And plus, [Reifert’s other band] Abscess broke up around the same time, so things were happening and that opened the door to do Autopsy full-time. It all fell into place. We didn’t make it happen — it just sort of happened on its own.”

Even the riffs he’s been coming up with sort of just happened. “They happen when they do, riffs — the mood has to strike you,” he says. “It’s very much like a fart, and hopefully, it even sounds better than a fart. It just depends. Sometimes it’s worse, but those songs don’t make it on to the record. Maybe on the next one, we’ll use some actual farts.”

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