Page Hamilton of Helmet
Yeah, man…these fucking shows are going to draw real cretins. It’s going to be awesome. No girl jeans allowed; no ironic tattoos on anorexic dudes. Just grizzled old bearded guys who grunt a whole bunch and will be wearing shirts older than the dudes in Black Tide.

Touring under the banner “Metalliance,” the tour — which will see Helmet performing their 1992 classic Meantime front to back (fucking solid move there) — will kick off on March 17 and run through April 5. Dates have yet to be released, and there is no routing yet.

According to the press release, “The 2011 Metalliance Tour has officially been announced…[with] Helmet, Saint Vitus, and Crowbar for its inaugural line up.” I want to see this show, if only for Helmet’s set. And I haven’t wanted to see one of Helmet’s sets since 1998. It will be rad to see Saint Vitus and Crowbar, of course.

Speaking of which, Crowbar’s mainman Kirk Windstein said in the press release, “Wow! This tour is gonna rule! I’ve loved Helmet since the beginning and loved St. Vitus even longer. With the new Crowbar record having hit the streets by then, look out! This bill will bring just what we need to crush each city with an avalanche of stylistic thunder!”

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