I forget how long ago it was that we brought you the news about Tennessean metallers Whitechapel parting ways with drummer Kevin Lane and replacing him with Ben Harclerode of Knights of the Abyss. Well, now that shit’s official. Lane has returned home to Kingsport, Tennessee and is planning to go back to school.

In a statement released late yesterday, Kevin said that “Over the past years I’ve had the experience of a lifetime and gotten to travel the world with not only a great band of musicians but some of my best friends. Unfortunately, that time has come to an end. My playing had a falling out over the past year [Edit: Say what?], thus I’ve decided to come home for good and go back to school full-time.”

My playing had a falling out? Can someone please translate? Maybe in Tennessee, falling out means something different than it does in New York. Here, it means you had a disagreement. Did you have a disagreement with your playing?

“The past few tours I had the privilege of my good friend Gavin Parsons to fill my shoes, and now another phenomenal drummer who I believe will do leaps and bounds of improvement to the band as a whole, Ben Harclerode, has moved into the position until the decision for a full-time drummer has been made.”

Is that even English? I agree — this guy needs to go back to school. He needs to learn how to write.

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