Mike Patton
And by old, I mean that it was released in Japan — of all places — fucking two years ago. It hasn’t been available here and still isn’t. But that will change on February 8, when Praxis’ Profanation: Preparation For A Coming Darkness finally hits store shelves in America.

For this “new” old album, Praxis enlisted the likes of Iggy Pop, Mike Patton of Faith No More fame, and System of a Down’s Serj Tankian. To hear the Patton and Tankian tunes, just follow the jump, folks. They’re available as videos at the end of this post.

The record — which you can get on iTunes now, it seems — also features Doctor Israel, Killah Priest and Jamaica-born toaster Hawk. That must be one talented toaster!

The U.S. release of Profanation comes with two live bonus tracks not included in the rare, Japan-only import. Since 1992, the core members of Praxis have been guitarist Buckethead, bassist Bill Laswell, and drummer Brain from Primus…I think. Right?

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