Dream Theater
That’s what Blabbermouth is claiming. They say that insane drummer Marco Minnemann of Kreator and Necrophagist fame has not joined Dream Theater as Mike Portnoy’s replacement.

Rumors that spread like wildfire late last month had us all convinced Marco Minnemann was the man for the job. But no — it’s not true. Instead, Dream Theater have another new drummer and they’ve somehow managed to keep a tight lid on that person’s name. I wonder who started this Marco Minnemann rumor. That person’s a douche.

So, Dream Theater continues to holdout on us as far as who their new drummer is. That is not cool. But they do have a drummer. The band has been rehearsing with one candidate exclusively since last fall.

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci previously said that the search for a new drummer “went great and we do have someone but we are spending some time getting everything in order before making an official announcement. Let me just say that we are all incredibly excited about our choice and just bursting at the seams to let the world know!”

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