Boston-based death metal outfit Nemecide are one of the many bands who are set to take the stage March 5 at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts, for the second annual Rock Your Face Off Fest — a production completely organized and masterminded by Nefarious Realm; Gun Shy Assassin is one of the many sponsors of the fest, which also features Burning Human, Revocation, Orwell, Sirens, and more.

Nemecide — which started out as two dudes, expanded thanks to the magic of Craigslist, and recently added a keyboardist to the mix — are unsigned at the moment, but have been active in the metal scene since 2006. The band recently self-produced and self-released a wicked EP called Incursion, which you can get through their site or at the Rock You Face Off Fest!

Recently, I spoke with guitarist William Von Teifert about the upcoming fest appearance and about Nemecide’s influences, which include Nile. In fact, not too long ago, the band got a chance to open for Nile.

“That was an adventure,” Teifert explains. “We had trouble getting there but we did get there. We were a little late but we did get to play a few songs and the crowd was fucking awesome and Nile is one of my top three favorite bands of all time. That show was disgusting. It was sick. The lineup was insane and to be part of that was an honor.”

Come March 12, the band will be playing with Rotting Christ, Melechesh, Hate, Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocture at Rocko’s in Manchester, New Hampshire. First, though, Nemecide plays RYFO!

“I can’t wait for the Rock Your Face Off Fest,” Teifert says. “We were approached [by Nefarious Realm’s] Matt a few years ago for a show, and from there, we just kept doing shows together. He’s in it for the bands and the music. Its like he just knows how to put good bands together. So this one is going to be awesome. I saw the announcement for the festival, so I just hit him up to get us on this thing. The lineup is disgusting. Pathogenic are really, really good. The Breathing Process, I’ve been looking forward to playing with.”

As I’m talking to Teifert, I’m looking at the picture of the band, and thinking, “OK, if these guys tried to jump me and my friends, which dudes do I avoid?” Teifert…he’s the dude one the left. He’s the first one I’d avoid. He looks like a street fighter. “I love the UFC,” he admits. I don’t doubt that. Him and the dude in the tattoos…I’d stay away from them. Teifert tells me that the dude’s name is Eric Velez, and he’s the bassist. “He picked up my car and moved it once,” he explains. I don’t doubt that.

The band hopes to attract label interest soon, but are “just picking and choosing our spots.” Nemecide are working on new material that they hope to demo to potential labels in the next year. One song — which you can download right now through Nefarious Realm — is called “Summon the Hydra-Yeti.” You’ve got to dig that.

“All of our songs are about conflict,” Teifert says. “Some bands like to sing about their own shit, go the personal route. We left it open to fiction, and we write whatever we want to write about. We like to keep things open and stay creative and write brutal shit.”

Remember, you can see Nemecide at the Rock Your Face Off Fest on March 5 at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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