Shroud Eater
If you head to the end of this post, you can see Miami stoner metallers Shroud Eater’s new trailer for the band’s self-produced album, ThunderNoise, which hit stores on Tuesday.

The clip features portions of a new track called “Baying of Jackals.” The track is one of 11 featured on ThunderNoise, which can also be streamed in its entirety right now, right here. I am a firm believer of listening to music before you buy it, so head on over and check these chicks and dude out.

ThunderNoise is our statement of intent,” explains guitarist and vocalist Jeannie Saiz.  “It’s a ferocious labyrinth of music that we literally put blood, sweat and tears into. We hope it consumes the listener as much as it did us.”

Shroud eater promo from SHROUD EATER on Vimeo.

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