A side-by-side comparison
Because someone over at BW&BK noticed that the album art for the new Darkest Hour LP was eerily similar to the cover art for Tesla’s 2008 studio offering Forever More. I mean, who even knew Tesla had a record out two years ago? Obviously, someone who likes Tesla.

To be fair, the image that appears on the cover of Darkest Hour’s forthcoming seventh record The Human Romance is an image I’ve seen a ton of times before. But I am sure if they knew the same image had appeared on a Tesla album two years ago, they may have opted for different artwork.

Darkest Hour’s album will be released in North America on February 22 through new label E1 Music. BW&BK points out that, aside from a difference in color scheme, the albums are practically identical. That’s because they used the same picture, from the same angle.

Google “hugging skeletons,” and you will see the same picture yourself. It’s an infamous photo, taken at an archaeological excavation, because fuck — it’s two skeletons, HUGGING!

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