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It’s True: Myke Terry No Longer With Bury Your Dead


Bury Your Dead
We first reported back in mid-November that Myke Terry was out as Bury Your Dead’s singer. Today, the band officially announced his departure.

The band — who’ve been on hiatus since last April — recently began work on a new album with the group’s previous frontman, Mat Bruso, back on lead vocals. A late 2011 release via Mediaskare Records is expected.

“After spending over three years with Bury Your Dead, becoming a family, and almost losing our lives together, I would think that we would all have each other’s backs better than this,” says Terry in a statement. “I never thought someone who hadn’t sweat, bled, or cried with us would have the power to dictate the inner workings of our band.”

Terry’s going solo, he says. I’m sure that’ll work out well.

“I’d like to thank everyone that bought a Bury Your Dead CD, came to a show, or played with us for making the past few years of my life so amazing and I look forward to my future as a solo artist. I’m sure everyone who has ever chanted ‘Bring back Bruso’ is now stoked for his return.”