Black thrash metal band Melechesh have announced that their guitarist Moloch — I wonder if that’s the name his momma gave ‘im […said in a cockney accent] — will be forced to sit out the first few dates on the band’s upcoming European run with Nile, Dew-Scented, Zonaria, and Darkrise. Why, you ask? “Circumstances beyond the group’s control.”

More than likely, some sort of visa problem. But that’s a broad phrase to use — circumstances beyond the group’s control? I mean, that could be anything! If you think about it, what do any of us really have control over in our lives? Either way, I hope it’s nothing too serious…like scurvy.

Greg den Hartog will fill in until Moloch is able to rejoin the band on the road. In a statement, Moloch said, “I have been closely working with Greg in anticipation of this; he is ready and will do a great job.”

Hmm. So, this has been a longtime coming? Now I’m really curious. I bet you Moloch’s brother is getting married or something, and he has to hang back to be part of it. Or it could be scurvy or the like. That tour with Nile is supposed to start January 20 in Katowice, Poland, of all places.

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