No where else. You’ve got to love the Swedish version of the Grammys, which, coincidentally, is called the Grammis. The Swedish Grammys keep it real. In America, our “rock” categories are often glutted with bullshit that’s often propelled to the top of the charts by the corporate flatulence machine.

Well, not in Sweden. At the Grammis, which were held in Stockholm Monday night, albums like Watain’s Lawless fucking Darkness end up winning the award for “Best Hard Rock” performance. That’s rad as all hell.

Who did Watain best for the honor? Well, you may be shocked to learn that Ghost’s Opus Eponymous, which is now in stores here in the states through Metal Blade, was one of the records.

Sabaton’s Coat Of Arms was also nominated, along with Khoma’s A Final Storm and Pascal’s Orkanen Närmar Sig.

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