Nergal's lady fried, Doda
In what may be the best news you’ll hear today, Adam “Nergal” Darski — Behemoth’s 33-year-old frontman and guitarist — is out of the Polish hospital he’d been receiving treatment for leukemia. And excellent sign that the dude is well on his way to a full recovery.

Recently, Nergal underwent a much-needed bone marrow transplant at the hematology division of Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne (UCK) in Gdansk. According to a report I spotted on Blabbermouth, Nergal reportedly walked out of the hospital on Monday (January 17) and is now resting at his parents’ house.

Nergal’s fiancée Doda (who is a smoking hot blonde who doubles as Polish pop singer Dorota Rabczewska) told reporters: “Adam feels good and is resting comfortably but cannot see any visitors as he can’t risk viral infections.”

No nookie for Nergal. Man. I’d be bumming. If Doda was your girlfriend, you’d want that all day, all night. She isn’t your girlfriend and you want that, so imagine how Nergal feels. He’s been in a hospital for a stretch now, and can’t touch his beautiful lady pal? I don’t know — if it were me, I’d be bummed. But I’m sure Nergal is just psyched to be out of the hospital and doing well.

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