Bullet For My Poopentine
I have never hid my disdain for Bullet For My Valentine. Likewise, I have never hid the fact that yes, I will bring you news about bands I’m no fan of because I know a ton of you out there inevitably will be and would want to know what some of these pure-shit bands are up to. So, here’s a story about Bullet For My Valentine.

On February 15, to coincide with Valentine’s Day I’m sure, those dicks will put out a deluxe CD/DVD edition of their third full-length album, Fever, cleverly titled Fever Tour Edition.

Why call it the “Tour Edition?” Because the disc — which’ll feature three new live songs from some radio station appearance…way to put in the extra effort for the rehashed set, guys — “will accompany an upcoming U.S. tour — dates to be announced shortly,” reads a press release.

The aforementioned DVD will contain footage of the band playing “Your Betrayal,” “Fever” and “Waking the Demon,” recorded live from Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 in Dessel, Belgium. The DVD also includes videos for a bunch of their songs.

These dudes are fucking false metal. Pure and simple. And if you like them, check your undies — I think you just got your menses.

Entertainment Bullet For My Valentine To Release More Poop In February