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Mötley Crüe Being Sued For Sweatshirt Imagery


Photo: Ron Toma...because I do not need a lawsuit
Yes, folks…Mötley Crüe and Live Nation were both named in a suit brought by Ron Toma, some dude who claims he owns the copyright to the famous “belt-buckle photo” that appears on the cover of the band’s classic debut disc Too Fast for Love. claims that Toma’s suit — filed in Illinois — alleges that the band and Live Nation used the image without his authorization on a bunch of hooded sweatshirts, sold online.

Toma’s suit claims the Crüe and Live Nation “stole” the image. That’s a strong word. I mean, they obviously used it…but I’m sure it’s all some simple misunderstanding. Either way, I like that the Crüe have to go to court and deal with this. If Toma owns the rights to the pic, he’s entitled to some portion of the proceeds collected from the sale of those sweatshirts.

Toma is asking that a judge to step in immediately to administer some swift justice — by blocking the band and Live Nation from using the image without permission.