Sleeping Giant
ANGR (which stands for Ain’t No Grave Recordings, a new record label launched by all-around solid dude Ryan Downey) has teamed up with Century Media Records, according to a press release, and — as part of this collaboration — the labels have signed Sleeping Giant and The Great Commission.

ANGR isn’t like most labels, it would appear. The bands who are associated with ANGR place a “high value on the words within their music, their interaction with their audiences and their impact upon the world from an artistic and philosophic standpoint,” the release says. Hmm — a label that only works with bands who aren’t shallow assholes? Sign me up!

“ANGR will not only develop talent but also actively publicize charitable causes worthy of support,” the press release adds. What a novel idea?

At this very moment, both Sleeping Giant and The Great Commission are hard-at-work on their ANGR/Century Media debuts, which are expected to surface later this year.

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