Ben with Jackie Mason
Yes, the Adam Levine from Maroon 5, a band one of my metal-loathing exes made me fucking listen to all the time. That’s just one of the many reasons why she’s an ex. Anyways, enough about me: Let’s talk about this story I saw over at Metal Insider.

It would appear that Maroon 5’s Levine and Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman went to summer camp together. Yeah — weird, right? One dude would go on to pop stardom and sexual conquests like Jessica Simpson (when she was young, hot, and not the size of a manatee) and another would go on to create some of the most vicious music of the last ten years with Dillinger Escape Plan. But according to several recent Tweets, the dudes were — at one time — pals at summer camp.

The other day, Levine Tweeted that he “Just ran into an old friend from summer camp. Whoa! Check out @dillingerescpln!” Then, Dillinger’s Twitter read the following: “Talked to an old jam buddy from Summer camp today @adamlevine he did a mean Pearl Jam back in the day. Nice dude. – Ben”

Not only did they go to summer camp, but they played together and did Pearl Jam covers! This is just too strange. This is like learning that Britney Spears and that Marta chick from Bleeding Through were in an arts and crafts class when they were kids…and that they used to sleep over each others’ houses and have pillow fights.

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