Suicide Silence will be banging chicks like this all summer long if the rumors are true
Next week, we are all going to learn the lineup for this summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. But why wait until then?

Look — chances are, the rumors we’ve all been hearing — about Disturbed, In Flames, and Trivium being on the bill for the 2011 installment of Mayhem — are true. And chances are the newest rumors ThePRP has heard are also true. And the latest rumor is that Suicide Silence and Machine Head will also be on the bill.

Previously, we’ve told you about Unearth, Megadeth, and Godsmack being rumored for the festival ticket. And previously, we’ve expressed disgust over the fact that the Godsmack rumor is probably almost definitely true, in which case Mayhem has jumped the shark.

ThePRP is also claiming the bill could boast the likes of All Shall Perish, Kingdom Of Sorrow, and Straight Line Stitch. Of course, who knows if any of these rumors will end up becoming fact on Wednesday (January 26), when the lineup will be unveiled by Kevin Lyman and company.

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