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The 10 Best Mayhem Commercials – Allstate

Dean Winters – Mr. Mayhem

Dean Winters (also known as Mayhem) has become wildly popular since his first Allstate commercial aired earlier this year.   How could he not?  The witty and sometimes painful series of commercials has created a huge buzz.  Dean Winters portrays “Mayhem”, and you never know in what form he will come or what kind of damage he will do.  Your only guarantee is that it is going to be funny.

Background on Dean Winters

Dean Winters has been acting for quite a while.  He is best known for the characters he played in the shows “Oz” (1997-2003) as Ryan O’Reily, “30 Rock” as Dennis Duffy, and the reoccurring former love of Sarah Connor in “Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles”.

On June 20, 2010, Winters was introduced to us as “Mayhem.”


Amazingly, a year before Dean suffered an aggressive bacterial infection that stopped his heart for 2½ minutes.  He was revived and treated for the infection, but developed gangrene.  Dean was forced to have two toes and half a thumb amputated.  He has had several surgeries and procedures since to repair the damage.

Fast forward to the first teaser where Puppy Mayhem warned us that more mayhem was on the way -  he wasn’t kidding.  Since then we have been treated to a barrage of hilarious commercials.  Here are 10 of the best.

The Best Mayhem Commercials

Deer Mayhem – The deer gets frozen in the headlights. “I come across this road and I’m like, ‘What is this thing?’”


Large Espresso Mayhem – The filthy rich executive who spills his espresso and is ready to sue, “’cause that’s what I do.”


Pink SUV Mayhem – The young teenage girl who is emotionally compromised.   “OMG, Becky’s not even hot.”


Lawn Game Mayhem – The teenage son cuts the lawn and takes out windows, a car, and a boat.  “As you well know, I can barely focus on one thing at a time.”


Jogger Mayhem – The controversial commercial where the sexy jogger causes an accident. (Some women resent the stereotype, but most of us think it’s funny.) “I’m a hot babe out jogging.”


Douglas Fir Mayhem – The Christmas tree who is out to steal your merry.  “My making love to a lumberjack.”


Snow on Roof Mayhem – The snow on the roof just gets heavier and heavier.  “I’m just like you.  The further into winter we go, the heavier I get.”


Quarterback Mayhem – The 4th string quarterback who gets a little lost.  “Due to a pregame meal of All-You-Can-Eat calamari, now I’m the first string quarterback.”


Flag Mayhem – The lucky team flag that has been with you for 14 seasons.  “In flag years, I’m like 130.”


GPS Mayhem – The GPS who has never been updated. “Turn right NOW!  Recalculating…”


Feel free to share your opinion on which are your favorites.

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