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Rejoice! Hollywood Undead Get New Masks


Hollywood Undead and their new masks
Mushroomhead and Slipknot do it with each new album cycle so why shouldn’t Hollywood Undead? They have a new album called American Tragedy coming out soon and just revealed their new-look masks.

The masks are the handiwork of special effects artist Jerry Constantine, the band’s J-Dog tells Kikaxemusic — a site I’ve never heard of. I hate to say it, but those masks look like they were designed by Elton John.

“We wanted new masks because they represent us as a band, and as a whole,” said J-Dog. “We all felt it’s years later since the first record and time to start a new chapter. Also the guy, Jerry, who molded them said ‘I noticed it was a problem when some of your fans masks started looking better than yours.’ So we stepped it up. Now ours look better, light up, and shoot fuckin missiles at terrorists!”

Can someone please translate what the fuck this J-Dog character just said? Sorry, but I don’t speak masked wigger. I wonder what it is with the masks…like, I’ve never understood why any band would wear masks. You’re putting this music out there, and no one knows what you look like. My guess is, these dudes are either super ugly (not saying that I’m some beauty, mind you) or they know the music isn’t strong enough so they need some gimmick — “Bros, let’s rock weird, ghetto Eyes Wide Shut masks!” Bingo!