UPDATE: Explicit images has been removed.

What is it about playing keyboards for Winds of Plague that makes chicks want to take their clothes off? Or is it that every woman self-shoots nudes with her cell phone, and sends them to dumb dudes? How else do you explain pictures purportedly of Alana Potocnik’s butt and areola ending up on IsAnyoneUp?

I am not saying that the photos on that site are definitely her, but they look like her. Alana is now the second keyboardist in Winds of Plague to have a nude pics scandal.

Alana replaced Kristen Randall in 2009, who famously popped up online in a perky titty shot so many years ago. The band temporarily used Lisa Marx as a keyboardist; unfortunately, she didn’t stick around because nudes of her would have been ten times better than what we got from Alana.

Not saying that the girl shouldn’t take nude pictures of herself, but she really shouldn’t take nude pictures of herself. Look — I know what I look like naked. I am under no delusions that I am God’s gift to women or men. Hence, I only allow pictures to be taken of me when I am fully clothed. Alana — I recommend you do the same. That ass is frumpy, and those boobs look like alien num-nums.

Maybe Winds of Plague needs to find a male keyboardist when Alana inevitably quits.

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