A Life Once Lost
According to the Facebook page of the band’s PR firm, A Life Once Lost has inked a deal with Season of Mist. The band is currently wrapping the writing of their next album, and have already asked Paul Romano to work on the album’s art.

“After over a year and a half of working on this record and setback after setback we can finally announce that it is coming out on Season of Mist in 2011,” says guitarist Doug Sabolick. “Taking time away from the road helped us look at the band from an outside perspective, which then helped mold a record that encompasses our collective mood over the past few years in typical ALOL fashion. Musically, the theme of this record is to pummel the listener into submission via ignorant riffs. We are finishing writing and demo-ing as we speak and look forward to working hand in hand with Season Of Mist to deliver our vision to the masses.”

That’s awesome. Very psyched for these dudes. I have always loved A Life Once Lost and am excited for the new shit. It will be phat with a ph, and you can bet your last dollar on that one, sonny.

A Life Once Lost will soon hit the road with technical metal kings Atheist, Revocation and Last Chance to Reason for a spate of live dates.

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