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Burlesque Showcase at Sisters Nightclub

Timaree - The doctor is in.

Last year, CultureMob’s Maria Christensen wrote an article discussing the Rise of New Burlesque and how this renaissance is spreading across the land like an epidemic…a sexy, flirty epidemic. And now this epidemic has infected Philadelphia. Hot on the heels of the success of her last show, sex edu-tainer Dr. Timaree Schmit is going to present Burlesque Showcase this Friday at Sister’s nightclub.

In between writing her widely popular column, Sex With Timaree, and teaching group fitness at Sweat Gyms, Timaree has been hard at work uniting the burlesque community in the Philly area. According to her, “The burlesque scene is really blowing up right now, but there’s not a lot of conversation between groups…and I wanted to open up the lines of communication.”

Hence her Burlesque showcase, which premiered last November and attracted a sizable crowd. Timaree predicts that if this event is equally successful, fans can look forward to bi-monthly performances at Sisters going forward.

When asked what people can expect when they come out to the show this Friday night, she tells us, “For the money, a well-done burlesque show rivals any concert, live theater, or movie. You’ve got people looking for something new and different to do than just the regular ole bar scene.”

We also asked her how she thinks burlesque in its current incarnation is different from Burlesque old-school. “There’s a lot more to compete with in terms of alternative entertainment. It has to be witty, sultry, and generally hold the attention of people for an extended time. The old school had a lot of creative performance ideas; coming out in a balloon suit and popping them one at a time, cute set-ups that function as mini plots, etc. And we’re really seeing a revival of that creativity, making an elaborate production of a single song.”

She also had an opinion about the appeal of burlesque for the current generation. “You’ve got your classic draw of girls in little clothing. But you’ve [also] got people who are looking for entertainment. They appreciate the artistry of the dance, the creativity of the set-up, and the beauty of the costume-ry. We put all of our stuff together ourselves. Randi Warhol, who is a local performer, constructs some amazing things by hand.”

Featured performers who will join the stage on Friday night will include Louise LaTease, Melissa Bang-Bang, and an incredible double-act by International Pole Idol, 2010 USPDF National Champion and 2009 USPDF “Miss Sexy” title winner Alethea Austin.

Burlesque Showcase will be at Sisters Restaurant Nightclub, Friday, January 28th. Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 11pm. Admission is $6 ($1 off by telling them how you found out about the show).