Times of Grace
Congratulations are in order for Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz — collectively known as Times of Grace. The sales totals are in, and the duo — one of whom writes a regular column for this site — have managed to open in the Top 50 on Billboard’s Top 200 sales chart. That’s amazing, considering no one sells records in this day and age like they did even two years ago.

Times of Grace’s debut, The Hymn Of A Broken Man, sold close to 10,000 copies during its first week in stores. That was enough to earn the band the #44 slot on the albums sales chart.

This is unbelievable news. I mean, I would have preferred a Top 10 opening, but Top 50 is still insane. Nice going, guys!

Of course, the sales race is not a sprint — it’s a 10K. We don’t want to see the album drop too far down the charts during the second-week sales slump, so if you haven’t already picked up the record, you should. You can also enter to win a copy of the disc by signing up for the Gun Shy Assassin Newsletter. We’ll be picking the winner soon.

As you well know, Jesse and Adam used to play together in Killswitch Engage; Jesse is also in The Empire Shall Fall, which is now working on its sophomore studio offering.

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