Joe Payne
This, according to a statement provided to Blabbermouth. Divine Heresy’s bassist Joe Payne is now Divine Heresy’s former bassist Joe Payne. Dude quit.

“With a great amount of thought and consideration, I have decided to leave Divine Heresy to pursue my true passion (playing guitar) with my best friends in my band Pain After Death.”

God, I hope there’s no pain after death. That’s just an awful thought that’ll probably stay with — and bother — me all day. “I’ve had a blast over the past four years playing with Divine Heresy and enjoying the laughs, blood, sweat, tears, and brotherhood that comes with being in a touring band.”


“It’s become painfully clear to me that my passion for this project has been insufficient for quite sometime now. It’s not fair to Divine Heresy fans, my fellow bandmembers in Divine Heresy, or to myself to continue on with this project and not wholeheartedly believe in what we were doing, musically or otherwise.”

Payne says that he wishes nothing but “prosperity and happiness to the other members of Divine Heresy and am eternally grateful to every single Divine Heresy fan around the world who have supported us [over] the years and helped me pay my bills. This shit ain’t over for me yet.”

He added that Pain After Death’s full-length should be available very soon.

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