Judas Priest

Judas Priest
For a band that’s supposed to be wrapping things up, Judas Priest are acting like a band who aren’t about to go on a farewell tour.

According to a post on Judas Priest’s official site, the British heavy metal legends are currently working on new material.

Strange, seeing as Judas Priest announced back in December that they were closing up shop, and after frontman Rob Halford told some radio station that “all good things come to an end.” Why the hell are they working on new songs? Did the farewell tour announcement literally mean that they’re just not touring anymore?

The message also says that “all is going really well” and assures fans that more details will be made available very, very soon.

The thing is, you record an album, and you tour in support of it. If Judas Priest are winding down and riding off into the sunset, why the fuck are they working on new songs? What’s the point? Have Priest had a change of heart? I am confused.

Maybe Judas Priest are just carrying on without Halford. Stranger shit has happened. This just has me super confused. I’m going to go put my head through a wall.

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