Massachusetts-based death grind out Hivesmasher are among the many bands playing this year’s Rock Your Face Off Fest, a production of Nefarious Realm that is being proudly co-sponsored by Gun Shy Assassin and a host of others. The fest is set for March 5 at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts, and will also featuring Revocation, Nemecide, Widow Sunday, Sirens, Burning Human, and Orwell, among others.

According to Tyler Kingsland, who plays guitar for Hivesmasher, “we’re looking forward to the fest. People will probably see something that they wouldn’t expect to see, maybe. I think that we bring a really high energy show, no matter where we go. We just try to bring the most energy we can to the show every time.”

So if you’re going to the fest and don’t know Hivesmasher, make sure to check them out. A friend of mine called them “one of the most offensive bands” he’d ever seen. Kingsland says that’s a fair assessment, given their frontman Aaron Heinold’s proclivity for profanity-filled rants.

While unsigned for the moment, the band — which met at University of Massachusetts, where they were all studying music — have released several independent offerings, and are now looking for a label home for their next studio effort, which they’re working on right now and hope to record sometime in the not-so-distant future.

“We want to make good music, and get out and play as much as possible, and labels help fund things like that,” says Kingsland. “If I had it my way, we’d be in a new spot, playing every single day. Right now, its not feasible for us, but we’re trying to make it happen.”

You should totally check these dudes out and memorize their songs before the fest, so you can sing along with the band on March 5, when Rock Your Face Off invades Ralph’s Rock Diner. It’s going to be a hella good time. And Kingsland says fest like Rock Your Face Off are vital for up-and-coming bands like Hivesmasher.

“Sometimes, people decide maybe they want to go for just the headliner, and then, with all the bands on the bill, you sort of get to see a whole showcase of stuff you’ve never heard before,” he says. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go.”

Agreed. There is no reason not to go if you live in the area…and by area, I mean the Northeast! Tickets are still available for the Rock Your Face Off Fest. Get them while the gettin’s good.

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