Vince Neil

Vince Neil
I’m not saying that…the Detroit News is, though. Wow, not only does he drive drunk, but he does not pay his taxes. Asshole.

It seems that the Detroit News has a tax blog where they just out famous people for not paying their taxes. According to the paper, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil allegedly owes over $1 million in unpaid taxes.

The paper claims the IRS filed a $740,171 lien against Neil and his wife, Lia, back in April 2010, while another $371,050 demand was filed against the couple for income taxes in December. The lien is against Vince’s 6,800-square-foot mansion in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, Vince pled guilty to a drunken driving charge as part of a plea that will see him spend two weeks in a Las Vegas jail. He is expected to surrender on February 15 and will serve 15 days, followed by 15 more under house arrest, which — when you live in a 6,800-square-foot mansion — is a walk in the park

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