This thread on Paul Ryan’s SOTU response took a detour when Loviatar described Kranky Kritter as a “sensible conservative”.

Kranky refuted the statement and, after some back and forth, Loviatar asserted that Donklephant is a center-right blog and that Kranky is clearly conservative.

There was some more back and forth, I jumped in to give my perspective of this blog and Kranky’s “Devil’s Advocating” and Kranky ultimately described himself as:

an independent and a utilitarian first, rather than as a centrist.

I’d like to humbly ask Kranky to tell us why he prefers to think of himself this way and where and how this perspective fits into the current political landscape.

I’d also like to invite all the regular posters and commenters to tell us how you think of yourself and why.

I think each of us could point to another Donklephanter and say “left” or “right” but that doesn’t address any nuance (real or perceived) and I’m curious to see how everybody in this community likes to think about themselves (and what everybody else thinks about these self-perspectives).

We come here for a reason. We tolerate opposing points of view with poise and grace, and sometimes we even learn something here at the Donk.

Sometime today (when my four year old isn’t demanding I “take her to the ball” and then go sledding) I’ll tell you my story – which, over the past 2 years, has been significantly influenced by the dialogue here.

Have fun and be nice!

Politics Introspective open thread