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Beheading Of A King Singer Dies At 20


Matt Paquette
This is fucking extremely sad news. Not because I am a fan of Montreal, Canada-based metal outfit Beheading Of A King — which, I’m guessing, they named after the Amon Amarth song. That’s just a guess though.

This story is sad because Matt Paquette, Beheading Of A King’s frontman, has died.

The cause of Paquette’s death is not yet known, but the dude was just 20 years old; some reports claim he was only 19. Had his whole life in front of him and it’s gone. How fucking tragic. My condolences are with his family and the band’s fans. This is just awful news. What could have killed this kid at 20? I seriously hope it wasn’t drugs.

An outpouring of support and remembrance has consumed the band’s Facebook page.

Beheading Of A King — while not signed to a major — had been working on a new EP and are managed by Outerloop Management, who manage Veil of Maya, Oceano, and Periphery.