Mat Bruso of Bury Your Dead
They’re calling it Mosh n’ Roll.

Whatever. I don’t even have the energy right now.

Bury Your Dead’s new album will drop late this spring on the band’s new label home, Mediaskare Records. Mosh n’ Roll, yeah?
So…anyone think this is a good title for a record from a band that sounds like Bury Your Dead? The dudes in this band are nice guys. I have met them on a few occasions and dude, they’re cool. I just don’t think anyone cares anymore. Am I wrong? It’s sad, too, because so much has befallen these guys.

Perhaps having Mat Bruso back on vocals has a ton of people interested. I just feel bad for these dudes. They’ve seen more members come and go than Tabitha Stevens, nearly died in a van wreck, and now they’re on Mediaskare. Sorry, guys.

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