Jonathan Huber
Lots has happened in Pathology’s world as of late. The San Diego band had been plagued by a rotation of fill-in singers and ultimately, back on November 10, a horrible van accident that derailed the band from continuing.

The band is back is business, however. They’ve got a new van, trailer and gear, and Pathology also have a new frontman in Jonathan Huber, formerly of I Declare War.
“I’m very honored and feel very privileged to now be a part of the Pathology family,” stated Jonathan. “After being a fan of theirs for three years, being in the band is pretty surreal. I look forward to touring and recording with the band, and thank them for this opportunity.”
In addition, the band has welcomed back guitarist Tim Tiszczenko, who stepped down mid-way through the touring cycle. He pulled a Portnoy! Oh man!

Tim joins his replacement guitarist Kevin Schwartz for a dual-guitar assault. According to a press release, both guitar players have also been writing new material in the downtime, bringing a whole new level of intensity to the band.

Entertainment Pathology Have New Singer; Guitarist Returns