Steve Evetts as shot by Greg Puciato
Back in October, Dillinger Escape Plan teased big things for 2011. Tours, mostly. Now, we know that the band will be hitting the road for much of this spring with the Deftones, which rules.

But October’s tease also insinuated there could be new music coming. Now, in a series of Twitter posts, Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato has revealed that he has been in the studio laying down vocals with producer Steve Evetts.

Of course, Evetts and Dillinger Escape Plan go way back, having worked with him on past efforts. But Greg did not mention where or when these vocal tracks might end up surfacing. Could be for a Dillinger record, could be for guest vocals mayhaps? Let’s just keep guessing, shall we? [Edit: GSA regular Cullen Simmons directed us to a Facebook post in which Greg confirms that the work he was doing with Evetts is Dillinger related.]

The first Tweet features that photo of “@steveevetts at the board. ROCK CLOCK in full effect. While the city sleeps we are at full speed.”

He also Twittered “It’s ten thirty pm. Just ate a fistful of ibuprofen. That must mean I’m about to track some vocals with @steveevetts. The ONLY way to start tracking, BTW, is mainline caffeine and pain pills, get in your car, dime the stereo, & drive minimum 100 to studio.”

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