I guess it makes sense. I bet you a lot of people didn’t even know who Steven Tyler was before he became a judge on “American Idol,” and I’m sure his addition to the show has reminded people of the music of Aerosmith. But this, ultimately, is sad. In this day and age, when people just don’t buy records like they used to, there is a group of idiots actually paying for Aerosmith’s music.

No wonder they’re working on a new record already. Gotta capitalize on this Steven Tyler thing. I kind of feel like everyone chastised Steven when he took the job, but now, people are letting up, and accepting that he’s done something very un-rock star.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that — surprise, surprise — sales of Aerosmith’s greatest-hits collections have increased more than 250 percent as a result of Stevie’s appearance on the show.

The band’s 1994 compilation Big Ones saw increased sales of 260 percent after the show’s January 19 premiere. Meanwhile, 2004’s Devil’s Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith got a 146 percent boost after week two of “Idol.”

Likewise, two other greatest-hits compilations picked up in sales 137 and 147 percent. How many fucking greatest hits collections can one stupid band have? Meanwhile, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” single was downloaded 34,000 times for the week ending January 30, an increase of 363 percent from the week before.

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