Bison B.C.
Last weekend, Vancouver’s own stoner metal sons Bison B.C. were scheduled to play a special one-off show at Seattle, Washington’s El Corazon with sludge heathens Eyehategod. But that didn’t happen.

Bison B.C. were denied entry to the United States and detained by authorities at the Canadian border. I have been to through that border crossing. It’s a nightmare. No problem getting into Canada, but getting back? Forget it.

“Due to our vicious plot to undermine the American economy and to destroy the citizens of the United States of America’s belief in freedom and baseball or whatever, we weren’t allowed to cross that fascinating imaginary line,” said Bison B.C. guitarist and vocalist James Farwell in a statement. “More likely due to a fucking clerical error somewhere in corporate America, the fine people at Homeland Security had no choice but to keep Americans secure from us dirty fucking Canadians.”

You have to love a statement like that. But wait, it continues. “Fear not, my fellow poser Canadians, we will get our fucking paper work in order soon enough and be down destroying things before you can say, ‘Does Celine Dion shit in the fucking woods?!,’ — and yes indeed she does.”

Legend has it Vancouver has some amazing bud. Can you tell?

Bison B.C. is currently in the studio penning the follow-up to its critically acclaimed Dark Ages full-length, which dropped last April.

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