That’s what Blabbermouth is claiming, and I was right, it’s because of David Draiman and his voice.

Disturbed — as we tipped here last night — will be forced to bow out of the last four shows on the first leg of the “Music As A Weapon V” tour. That means Disturbed won’t be playing McAllen, Texas tonight (February 10); Lubbock, Texas on Saturday (February 12); and Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday (February 14). It appears that the last three dates might have been postponed, I’m afraid.

According to “sources,” the cold weather at an outdoor show in Texas Tuesday night fucked with David’s voice, and his throat has had an adverse reaction to the chilliness.

Doctors have apparently advised Draiman to take three weeks off, with no talking or singing. Not even talking? He can’t even be like, “Dudes, I gotta go make boom boom?” Not even that? The second leg of the tour, which was to kick off March 8 in Belton, Texas, will now presumably start a few days earlier, so Disturbed can make up the missed shows.

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