Axl Rose
That’s the rumor. You’ve got to love rumors.

Following what was arguably the worst Super Bowl halftime show ever (the sole highlight being the 30 seconds Slash appeared with Fergie, molesting his guitar during a cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”), Bravewords is claiming that “preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular lineup of Guns N’ Roses” to play next year’s Super Bowl halftime.

Next year’s big game will go down in Indianapolis.

The site points out that “Guns N’ Roses could very well be the only rock band with it’s members still living that hasn’t played a Super Bowl halftime gig.” But does that mean they’re going to agree to it?

Let’s face it — all of GN’R (Axl Rose and Slash, primarily) say that a reunion is out of the question. But that’s only because they haven’t been offered the right amount yet.

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