Devin Townsend
If you’ve been following Devin Townsend on Facebook, you know that the dude has been overseas, working with an orchestra and a choir on material for his forthcoming heavy-as-fuck album Deconstruction. And now, at the end of this post, you can see a video from that trip, showing Dev in the studio, working on the songs “Cheeseburger” and “Poltergeist.”

Mostly, its footage of the orchestra in Prague, bringing Devin’s music to life. From the sounds of it, Deconstruction is going to be fucking beyond epic. “One more hour to go… one and half more songs…also: Hearing 15 women sing ‘I farted’ rules,” writes Dev on Facebook. “Way too much music for the choir…fuck. I need a million dollars and 2 years. Fuck… we’ll do it. Punk rock choral sessions.”

I love the part where the chorus is singing the “Cheeseburger” lyrics, about the various toppings on a cheeseburger. It’s a cool video, and a sweet preview of what’s to come. Meanwhile, that free live EP is still not available for download. What the fuck, Dev?

Entertainment Video: Devin Townsend In Prague Working With Orchestra