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Pixelated Slash
You may recall Slash was on the cover of the third “Guitar Hero” game, “Legends of Rock.” Slash was involved with “Guitar Hero” back when the game was at the height of its popularity. But Slash says he saw the writing on the wall long before the recent announcement that Activision would discontinue the button-punching gaming series in 2011.

“It was inevitable,” Slash told “Sales declined after the success of ‘Guitar Hero III.‘ It was too costly to produce the game as a result.”

Basically, what this all boils down to is tracks. From my understanding, it was just getting too expensive for Activision to license new tracks from artists, because a few years ago, having your song in a video game was one of the only ways bands could pull a profit. Everyone wanted in on the action and started asking more and more for licensing agreements.

When sales of the games declined with the introduction of “Rock Band” and with time, it became too costly to get bands to agree to having their songs used in the game. It just wasn’t worth it for Activision anymore. They’d pay all this cash to get the hottest tracks from your favorite bands, but then weren’t breaking even on the back end. So, no more “Guitar Hero.”

But that’s just what I’ve been told by gaming insiders, some of whom I actually know personally.

Entertainment Slash Says Death Of “Guitar Hero” Was “Inevitable”