According to, Mayhem — those Norwegian black metal pioneers — have parted ways with French guitarist Silmaeth and have already replaced him with Teloch, from Ov Hell and Nidingr.

How’s that for a quick turnaround?

“Mayhem have decided to step forward and invite Teloch into the Mayhem brotherhood, replacing Silmaeth on guitars. Teloch is a longtime friend and a great guitarist,” explains vocalist Attila Csihar. “Mayhem would like to thank Silmaeth for his full dedication towards the band for the last two years, [and] we wish him all success in his musical career!”

Wonder why Silmaeth bolted, or why he was fired? Anyone know? Silmaeth?

“After many years in the Norwegian metal scene, doing all sorts of extreme metal in numerous bands, I finally hit the bulls eye and joined my old friends in Mayhem,” enthused Teloch.

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