Decrepit Birth
This news broke late last week, and I tried — in vain — to figure out what this was all about over the weekend, but since I don’t know what kind of legal trouble dude could be in, I’ll just go with a straight story.

Unfortunately, Decrepit Birth will be missing all of the shows they’d booked from February 21 through March 6. Because of drummer Samus.

According to a press release, Samus “has been forced into legal obligations which are preventing him from leaving his home state of New Jersey until early March. The situation is out of our control, and we apologize to all of our fans who planned on seeing us at those 13 shows.”

The tour will continue, and features Kataklysm, All Shall Perish, Abysmal Dawn, and Conducting From The Grave, so you should still go. Decrepit Birth will be back on the tour when it hits San Francisco on March 7.

“Again, we apologize for this unforeseen situation, and plan to make up for the 13 total shows we have to miss,” the band says.

Entertainment Legal Woes Force Decrepit Birth To Miss 13 Shows